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Sketch Dump 41 by DonnyAnne Sketch Dump 41 by DonnyAnne
yaY i finished another sketchdump
classes have been busy. now another two whole classes because this artistic girl thinks we're legit friends because I let her look at my art... why me..
a part of me wants to quit the whole social thing i wanna but i dont wanna hhnnngg

eeee yeup I'm still doing some designs and tweaking to No Return/Neverending etc charas. That whole story is not only lasting forever to write but to pick good enough designs slay me
someone just let the twins reunite. that's what those two have wanted so badly for the past 21 years darnit
that new chapter pains me to write it omgggg

Rough Draft Ernest: Less of a dick. Still a dick but not as much as he is now. Actually had this life together and not a near homeless addict
Rough Draft Irene: More nicer. She's still nice but she wasn't as strict and on guard as she is now. Was an actual nurse instead of training to be one
and they actUALLY GOT ALONG
they've kinda been having some sort of fallout in the current chaps, those upset babes

as much as the teens make Frank nervous it's actually somewhat of a good thing and he knows it. He's been holding back on speaking his mind and confusions because he knew it would just end in chaos (he knows his flaws better than anyone else, he ain't as stupid as he lets on), and those three being there held him back even more. Especially since he remembers being that young and being thrown into a crazy ass game, and look where he at now

quESTON why do guys always think i'm flirting with them? smh this just discourages me from being social because everyone gets the wrong idea fukc

kyle was so frickin cute fukc

yeAH, again, Maitre has a weird ass morality ground. Blinding Oke was basically a "small little punishment" for the kid killing another Fate Game member (even tho that was an assisted suicide), not handing his own kid over, and hiding Bryce for so long. And he still expects Oke to obey and worship him. Like wtf no dude

let us get into the puppet for a sec mmkay
We haven't really gotten much on him, even in Neverending he's still very cryptic. Whenever he's possessing a body or at the very least influencing them (all three of his marked ones: Arthur/Sadon, Freya, Frank) it's just not pretty whatsoever. He's a special Omission because he was never truly alive to begin with, so there's no clear moral ground there. He's also been granted power specifically by the damn God
The only real thing he's clear about is his major fixation on Bryce. Like just think about your favorite toy growing up, it was always there and you were essentially their whole world. yeah. that's the puppet on Bryce, the puppet was there from the very beginning, Bryce was essentially their responsibility to keep company, Bryce is literally their world. All the crazy shit the puppet's done essentially for Bryce

yeay more pics of side Living Dolls charas eee i'll get to them digitally sometime this week. Ewald and Alan are next

I gotta stay after school tomorrow for who know how long??? I got my priority number for prom like on the last day lolol and my number is.... 567.... holy fucking shit.... how long will this last.....
Senior year is leaving me broke af I wanna open money commissions but I don't even have time to draw lol. Plus it seems like everyone favors points agggh

Bye, love you guys so much!! c':
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borumi123 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
I really love your drawing and story!
DonnyAnne Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017
Thank you very much!! ;v;
27Lazybug Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My favorites drawings out of this is Julians smiling face in the top corner, Frank looking like he about to crack, and Julian's sleeping face. XD
DonnyAnne Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Aaah yay, thank you!! Those were some of my favorites to draw too lol
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